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Selected Publication:

  • HuanYang1,LiliCheZhiqiangCheng MingleiYang1,JianboWang1,ChenghaoLin1,YuefengWang2,LeileiHuang2, YangshanChen2,SuiPengZunfuKe andWeizhongLi* Deep learning-based six-type classifier for lung cancer and mimics from histopathological whole slide images: a retrospective study (2021)BMC Medicin https://doi.org/10.1186/s12916-021-01953-2
  • wenliang Zhang, Binghui Zeng, Huancai Lin, Wen Guan, Jing Mo, Song Wu,Yanjie Wei, Qianshen Zhang, Dongsheng Yu, Weizhong Li & Godfrey Chi-FungChan CanImmunother: a manually curated databasefor identification of cancer immunotherapiesassociating with biomarkers, targets, and clinicaleffects (2020)OncoImmunology https://doi.org/10.1080/2162402X.2021.1944553
  • Guocai Yao, Wenliang Zhang, Minglei Yang, Huan Yang, Jianbo Wang, Haiyue Zhang, Lai Wei, Zhi Xie, Weizhong Li†  (2021) MicroPhenoDB Associates Metagenomic Data with Pathogenic Microbes, Microbial Core Genes, and Human Disease Phenotypes.   Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gpb.2020.11.001.
  • Zhang W, Zeng B, Yang M, Yang H, Wang J, Deng Y, Zhang H, Yao G, Wu S, Li W†  (2020) ncRNAVar: A Manually Curated Database for Identification of Noncoding RNA Variants Associated with Human Diseases.   J Mol Biol 2020 Dec 1. doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2020.166727.
  • Zhang W, Yao G, Wang J, Yang M, Wang J, Zhang H, Li W.†  (2020) ncRPheno: a comprehensive database platform for identification and validation of disease related noncoding RNAs.   RNA Biol. 2020 Jul;17(7):943-955. doi: 10.1080/15476286.2020.1737441.
  • Pei S, Liu T, Ren X, Li W, Chen C, Xie Z. Benchmarking variant callers in next-generation and third-generation sequencing analysis [published online ahead of print, 2020 Jul 23]. Brief Bioinform. 2020;bbaa148. doi:10.1093/bib/bbaa148
  • Minglei Yang, Wenliang Zhang, Guocai Yao, Haiyue Zhang, Weizhong Li*. Combined alignments of sequences and domains characterize unknown proteins with remotely related protein search PSISearch2D. Database (2019) Vol. 2019: article ID baz092; doi:10.1093/database/baz092
  • Wenliang Zhang, Haiyue Zhang, Huan Yang, Miaoxin Li, Zhi Xie, Weizhong Li*. Computational resources associating diseases with genotypes, phenotypes and exposures. Briefings in Bioinformatics. 2018 Aug. PMID: 30102366
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  • ZHANG Wenliang, ZHANG Mingming, LIU Bin, SHI Hongshun, WANG Haihe*. Optimal timing of autophagy occurrence induced by earle’s balanced salts solution in DLD-1, HCT-116, A2780, CHO, Hep G2 and SMMC7721 cancer cell lines. Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Sun Yat-seni, 2016, 55(4), 108-117.(Chinese core, English articles)

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Book Chapters:

  • Li W, Olohan L, Williams D, Hughes M, Gracey A, Cossins A. Application of ESTs in microarray analysis. Methods Mol Biol. 2009;533 289-309. PMID: 19277566.  
  • Lopez R, Cowley A, Li W, McWilliam H. Using EMBL-EBI Services via Web Interface and Programmatically via Web Services. Curr Protoc Bioinformatics. 2014;48 3.12.1-50. PMID: 25501941


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  • 普世医学, 标识肺部结节的候选框过滤、融合和自动更新方法、系统及存储介质 已申请未授权 发明专利 202010252924.6  
  • 普世医学, 基于深度学习的肺结节识别与分割方法及计算机设备 已申请未授权 发明专利 202011425293.X  
  • 普世医学,一种新冠肺炎磨玻璃病灶造影解析方法、系统及存储介质 已申请未授权 发明专利 202010433448.8  
  • 普世医学,基于基因变异与疾病表型自动关联匹配的遗传病预测系统 已申请未授权 发明专利 201810539136.8  


  • 普世医学,CT数据同步传输与自动扫描一体化系统 已获得软著证书 2020SR0371858
  • 普世医学,肺部CT影像深度智能筛查系统 已获得软著证书 2019SR0460891 
  • 普世医学,胸部CT影像深度智能辅助筛查系统 已获得软著证书 2020SR0373665
  • 普世医学,基于胸部CT影像的新冠肺炎智能辅助筛查系统 已获得软著证书 2020SR1035331 


  • Li W2019年广州市创新领军人才 


  • 数字病理图像分析方法、系统、设备及存储介质 PCT/CN2021/090360
  • 胚胎光镜图像中细胞的识别方法和系统、设备及存储介质 PCT/CN2021/090357
  • 代谢特征谱推断方法、系统、计算机设备及存储介质 PCT/CN2021/102060


  • 医学信息技术基础教程 科学出版社 出版年份:2020 编著情况:中山大学、南方医科大学参与编著 排序:编委之一 成效:成为5所高等院校的指定教材
  • 医学信息技术基础实验指导 科学出版社 出版年份:2020 编著情况:中山大学、南方医科大学参与编著 排序:编委之一 成效:成为5所高等院校的指定教材